Solventless are extracts or concentrates produced without the use of a solvent, sometimes referred to as mechanical extractions. Including hash, dry sift, bubble hash and rosin.

Hash, kief and rosin are some of the popular types solventless cannabis extracts that have been used for centuries.

Solventless concentrates are made with extraction processes involving no solvents or toxicity risks whatsoever.

Most contain only the head of the plant’s trichomes –where the highest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes live. Though expensive, it very good for your health. As it has less impurities.

Though it has been in market for long now, the population is just making use of it. Green Earth is working hard to ensure you get all your needs.

Dispite its still not legal everyhere, i bet you would like to give a try.

Get all the kinds from our online shop and a ready customer service to take care of your needs. Though in less demands, it is very difficult to get.

But, along with this wide variety of concentrate types, some confusing terminology like solvent-based, solventless, and solvent-free have sprung.

Both solvent-based and solventless concentrates have a place in the market and fill a demand. But which is right for you?

Cannabis extraction dispensaries produce rosin and ice-water hash that looks, smells, tastes and lifts us to the moon like more.

As the industry has grown there are now industrial size presses that can obtain rosin on a large scale. This concentrate is totally solvent-free.

Cannabis concentrates are an increasingly popular alternative to flowers. They contain only the most beneficial parts of the plant.

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