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Tinctures are a cannabis extraction that is made with a high percentage of alcohol or oil. Often comes in glass droppers or glass bottles.

Users prefer tinctures because it is consumed orally.

They offer numerous benefits making them useful for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Benefits of Marijuana Tinctures

1.Long Shelf Life
A marijuana tincture can last for a long time. However, it needs to be stored properly to have a longer shelf life.

2.Quick Effects
Another benefit of these tinctures is that you will not have to wait for long to feel the effects. The use of this tincture can feel the effects in a matter of few minutes.

3. Pain-Reliving Property
They have proven to have pain-relieving property. Which makes them useful to be used for medicinal purpose.

Though, it is not as effective as CBD tincture that can prove to be helpful in the treatment of numerous health conditions.

They can also help to treat chronic pains, bacterial growth, and bone degeneration.

Easy to Use
Another remarkable advantage of marijuana tincture is that it is easy to use. An eyedropper syringe is used to place the drops of this solution under the tongue of the user. As it does not need to be smoked. The adverse effects of smoking are not associated with it.

This particular method to use this tincture also has numerous benefits. It helps in the absorption of the solution quickly; hence, the user gets quick effects. Those people who suffer from the gastrointestinal problem, they can still get the benefits of tinctures by using it sublingually.

Though good, the chances of side effects are high. The user may have a dry mouth.

Other than that, it can affect the effectiveness of other medications. Particularly, those patients who take heart medications.


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